by AZI Fellas

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    This track was motivated from the unjust and wrongful taking of good people through the deportation system.
    Free our brothers and sisters. Let them go!

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(Voice of Mout Iv, now detained)

This all I America.
It brings tears to me sometimes to think about being deported...
...away from my two young kids..

Verse I
Joe Hanzsum:

Taken without notice, no good byes or kiss/
I feel for the kids cause they dad they miss/
Twist of fate, how can you seperate race?/
All created equal why they treat us like slaves?/
Land of immigrants, we built this country/
Railroads, rowhomes, pay taxes monthly/
Judge me for mistakes in the past/ But
Martha Stewart stole millions still got another chance/
Shit is fucked up, they just corrupt puppets/
And politics, its all about bucks/
I'm trying to stay strong for Mout and Chally/
Ly Kol's family, see my visions like Ghandi/
We need to stand together FIGHT for FREEDOM/
Cause wives are bleeding, kids they need 'em/
Shit is unjust, but as hopeless as it seems/
Martin Luther ain't the only one with a dream//

Verse II

As a kid I was taught to pledge my allegiance/
To a flag that I never even understood the meaning/
Never educated the importance of citizenship/
Fighting for freedom, same lands that the immigrants built/
They ain't giving a shit-
You have it worst when you're living in poverty/
Obviously, they try to make a mockery of us/
What if it was your brother, sister, mother, father they wanted?/
They don't know what its like to escape from genocide/
Then taken back to same place where many died/
You tell me why a petty crime/
Can jeopardize your chances of ever truly living a better life/
But I guess INS only sees that crime pays/
Nevertheless, they tried their best to live the right way/
Mr. President, you promised things'll change/
But you just kept us waiting while the problem still remains//


released September 27, 2010
Produced by Korn Swagger



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AZI Fellas Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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